August 18, 2017

The Chairman Of The Board

As CEO of the Jacobs Institute on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Managing Partner at Lorraine Capital, (among many, many other roles), Bill Maggio is about as immersed as you can get in Buffalo's startup ecosystem.

This week on our Latitude podcast, presented by KeyBank, Bill provides his perspective on the progress Buffalo's startup community has made, what's ahead for Buffalo, and his experience working with 43North, so let’s not waste another minute with me, and get right to this week’s interview.


Food deserts are prevalent across the country and Buffalo is no exception. This week on the Latitude podcast, brought to you by KeyBank, we talk with Allison DeHonney, founder of Urban Fruits and Veggies. 

This urban farm startup started in a vacant lot on Buffalo's east side and now has plans to expand into a facility compromised of 42 vacant lots, making it one of the largest urban farms. Learn how Allison and her team of three did it and what they're hoping to do for the residents of Buffalo looking for quality food ingredients. 


This week on the Latitude Podcast, brought to you KeyBank, we talk with David Colligan - partner at Colligan Law. David has a long career of helping startups and entrepreneurs in WNY getting their feet off the ground. As a founding member of the Buffalo Angels, he's invested in startups, as a member of the WNY Venture Association he's helped lay the groundwork for fostering a startup ecosystem and as a trustee of the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation he's ensuring the future of WNY's institutions is secure. 

We talk with David about the early days of the Buffalo Angels, why he is so involved with the startup scene and how he's seen Buffalo look like a startup desert, to now trending towards an entrepreneurial rainforest. 


This week on the podcast we talk with Jenae Pitts, co-founder of OneTen Capital. 

OneTen Captial is a newer venture firm in Buffalo solely devoted to investing in hardware based startups. They secured the seed round for Vader Systems, the startup who commercialized the first liquid metal 3D printer in the world. 

Jenae talks about her background, what brought her to Buffalo, the relationship with Vader Systems and what's next for the venture startup. 

This episode of the Latitude Podcast is brought to you by Key Bank. 

July 21, 2017

From Brooklyn To Buffalo

Su Sanni is a first generation immigrant from Brooklyn, NY. A former D1 athlete at Boston College. A former investment banker in NYC. 

What made him decide to start a company geared towards developing a platform to help nonprofit organizations raise money? 

In this week's Latitude podcast, brought to you by Key Bank, Su talks about his journey as a founder with a mission to help organizations make the world a better place. 


You may call Tim Herzog the Godfather of Buffalo's brew scene. His startup in 2000 brought a brewery back to Buffalo proper for the first time since the 1970's. 

Now, Flying Bison Brewery is brewing dozens of beers at its Seneca Street facility and is a staple at the majority of bars, festivals, and refrigerators across the region.

On this week's Latitude Podcast, brought to you by Key Bank, Tim talks about the early days as a startup brewery, spearheading the lobbying effort to change laws to allow breweries to expand, and the growing beer culture in Buffalo 


This week on the Latitude Podcast we chat with Noa Simmons, Executive Director at Upstate Venture Association of New York. Noa has spent time in Boston and Shanghai in her business career, more recently settling into the startup & entrepreneurship scene in the Hudson Valley. 

Noa gives us her insights into the role startups and entrepreneurship is playing in revitalizing upstate New York, how the flow of venture capital aids in that comeback, and where the region is going in the future. 

This week's Latitude podcast is brought to you by KeyBank.


Rubens Mukunzi arrived in Buffalo in 2013 after leaving Rwanda. As a journalist in a country without freedom of speech or freedom of the press, Rubens found himself at odds with the government. 

He grew up during one of the worst genocides in human history, started an education focused newsletter while still and high school and ultimately started a radio show and news publication in his home country. 

But he had to leave, and his journey led him to Buffalo, NY. Once there, his passion for journalism resurfaced and he started the Karibu News. Buffalo's only immigrant and refugee centric newspaper. Translated into five different languages, Karibu News has become the center for news in a community of residents that are often overlooked by traditional media outlets. 

Rubens sits down with us this week to talk about his journey as an immigrant, and a startup founder.


Well, actually it requires a boatload of work, but who doesn't love a podcast title that plays on the title of a 1960's Broadway musical? 

Anyway, this week on the podcast we're talking with Somak Chattopadhyay, the managing partner at Armory Square Ventures. Somak talks about the type of startups his firm likes to invest in and gives some detailed advice about how a startup should prep for meeting a VC firm. 

Armory Square Ventures invests in many WNY companies including the 2015 million dollar award 43North winner ACV Auctions. You may remember, we had ACV Auctions co-founder Joe Nieman on the podcast several weeks ago. Somak also talks about what attracted Armory Square Ventures to invest in a startup like ACV Auctions. It's great insight this week, especially if you're looking to start pitching to VC's. 

This week's podcast is sponsored by Allied Global. Allied Global is considered one of the top business processing companies in North America and they partner with Fortune 500 companies, down to startups with a small team. So how can Allied Global help your startup get off the ground? They offer a vast array of B2B and B2C inbound and outbound sales, customer care, tech support and quality assurance. They even offer IT and Back Office solutions, which can be one of the easily overlooked aspects of a company that startups need.


June 16, 2017

Fighting Cancer In Space

What is it like seeing your work launched into space? This week on the podcast we talk with 43North winning co-founder Sourav Sinha from Oncolinx, the $1 million winners. 

In May, Oncolinx's cancer treatment experiment was launched to the International Space Station where astronauts there will conduct tests that allow the Oncolinx team to see the how effective the treatment is in a complete 360° environment. On Earth, researchers are only able to test their treatments in a 2D environment on a Petrie dish. Thanks, gravity. 

Sourav talks about the launch, how nerve-wracking it was and the developments his team has made to their treatment that could benefit those with cancer in just a few years. 


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