Imagine if Eric Reich didn't want a parking pass that allowed him access to prime parking spots when he was a student at the University at Buffalo. Campus Labs may have never been a thing. It was his appointment at a university council that allowed Eric that parking pass, but it also offered him insight as to how universities across the country weren't able to make sense of all the data they had on students, applicants, services and so on. 

From that appointment on a council, Eric started Campus Labs, a data analytics company that is used by over 1,500 universities. 

This week on the podcast Eric talks with host Nate Benson about growing and scaling Campus Labs, creating a high tech headquarters in the City of Buffalo, creating a company culture, and why he joined the 43North board of directors, ultimately becoming chairman and what his vision for the organization will be. 


This week, the Latitude podcast will make you hungry. That's intentional. Sorry, not sorry. 

We're talking tacos, ice cream, coffee, and changing hundred-year-old street vending laws in Western New York with Lloyd Taco founder Pete Cimino. Pete talks about ditching his career as a math teacher to make tacos in a truck in a city that didn't want him to do it. What started as an idea on paper has turned into four trucks, two brick and mortar restaurants, an ice cream brand and a coffee brand. What was the journey to get all of that accomplished? You don't want to miss this episode of the podcast because it's a textbook definition of perseverance in the marketplace!


It's another edition of Latitude Live! This week we feature our live audience conversation with Scott Wayman, founder of 2017 43North winning company Kangarootime. Scott has a very compelling story. Host Nate Benson and he dive into his life as one of twenty-five children, what motivated him to start one of the leading child-care management applications on the market, why Micheal Scott is a true inspiration to him and so much more. 

Sit back and enjoy this longer than normal live edition of the podcast as the audience interacts with one of Buffalo's emerging tech startups!


External communications and messaging can be one of the elements of startups that can easily get overlooked in the daily grind of running a business, raising money and improving products. 

But without a communication plan and key messaging, startups can be caught unprepared for success in the eyes of the public with inconsistencies of flubbed media interviews. 

So this week on the podcast we chat with PR professional Matt Davison from The Martin Group and Martin Davison Public Relations. Matt has experience in public and private sector public relations and has handled PR fires both big and small. He sat down with host Nate Benson this week to provide some free advice for startups looking to craft and maintain company messaging and PR strategy. 

May 18, 2018

Apply Within

The application period for the $5M startup competition is underway. In this episode of the Latitude podcast, we answer all your questions, talk about the right kind of startups for the competition and why Nate's Nacho Stand probably wouldn't win the million dollar award.

Peter Burakowski, 43North's VP of Marketing, Organizational Strategy and History Songwriter joins host Nate Benson to talk all things application. 


In this episode of the Latitude Podcast,  hosts Nate Benson from 43North and professor Darren Treadway, faculty expert from the UB Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, will talk with change agents and entrepreneurs about leadership, innovation and getting things done. The UB School of Management’s Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, known as “CLOE,” is a group of researchers, scholars, and experts who work to create more effective leaders and organizations. CLOE offers programs, training, speakers, and conferences to help people lead at all levels at their organizations — and in the world.

 This week on the podcast we’re thrilled to have Dr. Norma Nowak. Founder of Empire Genomics. Dr. Nowak is also the executive director of the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences at the University at Buffalo. She’s an acclaimed researcher and leader in the world of life science. Dr. Nowak talks about how her love of science stemmed from her grandmother, being part of one of the biggest scientific discoveries in history, handling tragedy and being a leading scientist in an era where science is being questioned en masse. 


It's episode 56 of the podcast and the 2nd edition of our LIVE podcast. This week we chat with Andrew Martinko, co-founder of 2017 43North winner Suncayr. Suncayr makes a smart sticker that'll keep you safe in the summer sun. 

We cover a lot of ground in this episode including Andrew's time at University. How he jumped right into startup life upon graduation. The nexus of Suncayr and what problems they're trying to solve for those who love a life under the sun. How their breakthroughs in nanotechnology have allowed them to create a product that couldn't have existed ten years ago. They're time in Buffalo and finding local manufacturing partners for their nanotechnology. And we wrap things up with some Q&A from our very engaged audience. 

It's a jam-packed episode this week on Latitude!


IT'S HAPPENING! Year five of the 43North competition has officially been launched!

On this episode of the podcast, we recap the launch of the $5M startup competition in Buffalo, New York. 

Hear about the changes to the prize structure this year and from past winners whose startups changed overnight when they won a 43North award!


Christian Johnson's child was about to start driving in an age where distracted driving is causing countless accidents on the roadway. She wanted a way to check in to see if her son was driving safely and that evolved the hardware startup Driver Watchdog.


Adrian Dayton was a successful lawyer who could have spent the rest of his career in a courtroom doing the things lawyers do. 

But then he was fired. So, in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, he started consulting law firms on social media. 

He toured the globe with his successful tips on how firms can attract more clients with the power of social media. He could have spent the rest of his career as a successful consultant. 

But that wasn't enough for Adrian. He wanted to build something bigger than him, with a lasting legacy. 

This week on the podcast we talk with Adrian about his software startup Clearview Social and how, as it turns out, a software company is a lot more expensive to run than a consulting firm.


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