Incubating startups comes in many different shapes, and for The Foundry, on Buffalo's East Side, the more sawdust the better. This week we talk to Megan McNally, founder of The Foundry. 

The Foundry is an incubator for crafty startups in the woodworking and metalworking spaces. The East Side incubator takes a hands-on approach to providing space, tools and resources for the companies occupying the turn of the century factory space. 


This week on the podcast we sit down with Jon Spitz from Z80 Labs, the pre-revenue tech incubator in Buffalo. We explore the blockchain, funding pre-revenue startups and what goes into pitching an idea. We also talk about how Jon's journey from managing a Wegmans to funding Buffalo's future startups. 



Well, it's been one heck of a half year. We started this podcast on the launch of the 2017 43North competition. And today, we sit down with the million dollar winners Soma Detect. 

This Canadian Startup applied to the 43N competition because NY is the third largest dairy producer in North America and as company founder Beth said: "New York has more cows than all of Canada."

So what is Soma Detect? They explain it a lot better, so listen in as they talk about their technology that ensures cows are producing the highest quality milk possible. 


The Pitch is 43Norths minority and women focused pitch competition and the 2017 event on September 28th was an emotional rollercoaster for one winner. 

This week on the podcast we talk with the founders of Black Monarchy - a storefront focused on bringing globally sourced fabric to the blossoming immigrant and refugee population in Buffalo.

This episode of the Latitude podcast is sponsored by Kaleida Health. 

September 13, 2017

Let’s Meet The Finalists

It's happening! Everyone stay calm!

Today we announced the 2017 43North finalists that will pitch on stage live at Shea's Performing Arts Center on October 5, 2017.

So we sat down with Dan Greene, 43North Director of Operations, who oversaw the judging process, to talk about the finalists and what their startups do. 

This Lattitude podcast, brought to you by Kaleida Health, is a great precursor for the finals and will give you some great insight to the statups who will pitch on Oct. 5th. 


Like so many people, Bill Irvine left Buffalo to advance his career. Many years later, however, Bill returned. But, why? 

This week on Latitude - The 43North Podcast we talk to Bill about why he came back to Buffalo and how the startup he leads, GapGrid, has a $700B opportunity with their collision detection platform for IT departments. 

This episode of Latitude is brought to you by Kaleida Health, where every day they change lives and make miracles happen. Learn more


What would you do if you lost 80% of your net wealth in the dot com burst? Give up or hunker down and ride the wave?

This week on the Latitude podcast we talk with Softbank Capital managing partner and former 43North Chairman Jordan Levy. Jordy has a long career in venture capital, investing early in brands like eTrade, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and more. Jordy talks about the the wild west of the 1990's and investing in tech, riding the wave all the way to the dot com crash, riding it out and coming out the other side a smarter investor. 

Jordy also talks about how Buffalo can continue to ride the momentum it's seen in recent years and what more it needs to do in order to be successful with its newfound love with the innovation economy. 

This week's episode of Latitude is sponsored by KeyBank. 

August 18, 2017

The Chairman Of The Board

As CEO of the Jacobs Institute on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Managing Partner at Lorraine Capital, (among many, many other roles), Bill Maggio is about as immersed as you can get in Buffalo's startup ecosystem.

This week on our Latitude podcast, presented by KeyBank, Bill provides his perspective on the progress Buffalo's startup community has made, what's ahead for Buffalo, and his experience working with 43North, so let’s not waste another minute with me, and get right to this week’s interview.


Food deserts are prevalent across the country and Buffalo is no exception. This week on the Latitude podcast, brought to you by KeyBank, we talk with Allison DeHonney, founder of Urban Fruits and Veggies. 

This urban farm startup started in a vacant lot on Buffalo's east side and now has plans to expand into a facility compromised of 42 vacant lots, making it one of the largest urban farms. Learn how Allison and her team of three did it and what they're hoping to do for the residents of Buffalo looking for quality food ingredients. 


This week on the Latitude Podcast, brought to you KeyBank, we talk with David Colligan - partner at Colligan Law. David has a long career of helping startups and entrepreneurs in WNY getting their feet off the ground. As a founding member of the Buffalo Angels, he's invested in startups, as a member of the WNY Venture Association he's helped lay the groundwork for fostering a startup ecosystem and as a trustee of the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation he's ensuring the future of WNY's institutions is secure. 

We talk with David about the early days of the Buffalo Angels, why he is so involved with the startup scene and how he's seen Buffalo look like a startup desert, to now trending towards an entrepreneurial rainforest. 


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